Turu Global Turul


The origin of the name Turu comes from the Hungarian Mythical creature Turul. The resemblance with the American eagle and the story behind it made it a perfect name for our group, originally consisting of inhabitants of both the United States of America and Hungary. We modernised and internationalised our name into Turu. Our logo represents the wings of the Turul bird and shows our ambition. We are called now TuruGlobal because we want to make a Global movement

What is next

Our ambition is to gradually expand our Turu Global team into a Global team. For this purpose we have established a governance board filled with people from different geographies. Also we have recruited two Telegram admins and an NFT artist. With that now, we house close to ten nationalities in three continents

“I have the soul of a white man, the soul of a black man, the soul of an Asian man; the soul of every man.”

Matshona Dhliwayo