Dividend token

Dividend generating utility token for user of the TuruGlobal Ecosystem.


The $turu token is the utility token of the TuruGlobal ecosystem. By participating in any module part of the ecosystem, by being an investor or a contributor, you will earn $turu tokens.


Total supply is 1 billion tokens and the calculation value of a token is $0.01 at start.


33% of the income generated by the TuruGlobal ecosystem is distributed over the holders of $turu tokens. This dividend is paid out monthly up to a maximum of 12.5% of the $turu value.


The $turu tokens is scheduled to be distributed over a period of 30 years. With a fixed distribution amount of currently 1.25 million per month, non allocated tokens get burned.


$turu is chosen to be a TRC20 token: TK8K7HFDLkhYS6XnFC8MKQkVK6Xq8D13qJ


Total supply is 1 billion tokens out of which half will be consumed by the current ecosystem over a period of 30 years.


45% of Supply is allocated for current 4 running modules. 5% is reserved for marketing and listing and 50% for future modules to be added to TuruGlobal Ecosystem.


$turu token will be distributed over the 4 existing projects for the first year as follows

$babyturu meme token:

100k $turu tokens are distributed over all $babyturu tokens in circulation excluding the burned tokens.


This means that as supply decreases the amount of $turu tokens received per $babyturu increases.

SR voters:

People voting for the TuruGlobal Super Representative Candidate will receive 2 $turu tokens per $TRX token received.


This ration is based on:

– $TRX value of around 0.1 USDT
– $turu value of 0.01 USDT


When the value of either of the two changes, the board can decide to modify the drop ration

TuruDollar holders:

Holders of $TuruDollars, will receive a monthly drop of 2 $turu per $Turudollar held during year 1 this equals to a 2% monthly reward for TuruDollar holders.


After year 1, we will based the drop amount on the market value, keeping the 2% monthly reward drop.

TuruDollar holders:

Genesis Series Babyturu NFT holders receive 250 $turu tokens per month per NFT held. This amount will not be modified over time.


BabyTuru Tribe NfT’s will receive 100 $turu per month

Tronnetwork.store users:

Tronnetwork.store users, will receive 10 $turu tokens per dollar spend in the Tronnetwork.store during the first year.


Pre-condition is that at check out the TRON wallet address is given as info.


The value of the $turu token is assumed to increase year over year:

-Year 1: 0.01 USDT
-Year 2: 0.0125 USDT
-Year 3: 0.015 USDT
-Year x: etc


token distribution is based on the value of the token. This means distribution amounts can be modified accordingly based on Advisory board decision.


The calculation value is changing in order to give more benefits to early users of the TuruGlobal Ecosystem.


Holders of $turu tokens, will receive monthly dividend on the income generated by the whole TuruGlobal Ecosystem.


33% of the income is used to pay out to $turu token holders, where 66% is reinvested in the ecosystem in order to grow the size and with that the rewards.


1% is held back as management fee.


We pay out up to 12.5% of the value of $turu in monthly dividend. If our dividend wallet holds more than that, the remaining dividend is carried over to the next month