Turu Invest is the investment module of TuruGlobal. Investors in Turu Invest see the long-term potential in the TuruGlobal Ecosystem and want to be part of it. Investors can choose to invest with either $USDT or $TRX and will receive TuruDollars ($TRD) in exchange, valued at 1 $USDT per $TRD.


Holding TuruDollars will result in monthly rewards:


– 0.5% of the amount in $TRD as an interest.

– 2% of the value of $TRD held in $turu token.


The $turu tokens in its turn will get a monthly dividend share from the TuruGlobal ecosystem. 33% of the income of TuruGlobal is allocated to be paid out monthly to $turu token holders up to a maximum of 12.5% dividend per month. If the income of TuruGlobal exceeds 12.5% the excess will roll over to the next month.


The $TRD will be not exchangeable until October 2022. By then the Cash Back wallet should have reached a value big enough to buyback $TRD where requested.


Turu Invest is not a Moonshot project, but a solid investment delivering steady and predictable returns.

Monthly update on the status of the Vault

The Vault

The heart of Turu Invest is the Vault. The Vault holds the investment portfolio of TuruGlobal and grows month over month by adding 33% of all income to the Vault. The Vault also grows by contributions from investors, who receive 1 TuruDollar in exchange for ever 1 Dollar worth of assets contributed to the Vault. The assets in the Vault are invested in a range of projects and the investment portfolio is overviewed by the Advisory Board.


TuruDollar The TuruDollar is the token held by investors in Turu Invest. The TuruDollar is backed by 1 USDT and the backing grade is tracked in the monthly update of the Vault. Holding a TuruDollar gives you a monthly interest of 0.5% paid out in TuruDollars and 2% paid out in turu tokens From October 2022 onwards, TuruDollars can be exchanged back into USDT upon availability in the Cash back wallet

Cash Back Wallet

The Cash Back wallet is filled with 33% of the revenue of the TuruGlobal Ecosystem every month. From October 2022 onwards, holders of TuruDollars can opt to exchange (part) of their TuruDollars into USDT as per availability in the Cash Back wallet.

Legacy tokens like $Phi, $CPAC, and $CIPX have been integrated into Turu Invest. Its holders have had the chance to exchange them either to USDT or to TuruDollars. $Pi token holders are still being managed separately, where Pi Ecosystem is a holder of TuruDollars and with that earns $turu tokens, to be distributed or sold to $Pi token holders

— Carapthian

Turu Invest is a partner of Carpathian Nodes and through that has access to the $Govi staking pool, the $LTO staking node, the $PAC staking nodes, and the upcoming $DAG node. Staking in these nodes brings great returns into the Vault of TuruGlobal

— Carapthian