Launch & Launching price

Our launch occurred October 2, 2021.
The price at launch was be 0.0004 $TRX per $babyturu token.

We imposed a maximum limit of 5 million $BBT tokens per purchase to prevent Whale manipulating and to guarantee an as fair as possible launch.

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Token & Supply

1 Billion initial supply of $babyturu tokens. The $babyturu token is an TRC20 token.

Supply is distributed at launch as following:
30% of supply in pre-burn
5% of supply for marketing purposes
15% of supply for team and TuruGlobal ecosystem
50% of supply will be put into the LP at start

Every transaction will have a 5% taxation. The taxation income will be shared with all token holders including the liquidity provider.

$babyturu token holders will be eligible for the $turu token monthly drop. In total monthly 100k $turu tokens will be distributed over the active $babyturu holders . The $turu tokens dropped to the burn wallet will be automatically burned.

Babyturu NFT's

We began our project with the minting of the “Capo di turu”, the Justin Sun turu character. At the closure of its auction, we went live with the $babyturu tokens.

For every 1 million burned $babyturu tokens, a new babyturu NFT will be minted as it will arise out of the ashes of the burn like a Phoenix.

These babyturu NFT’s will all be unique and will be auctioned through our partner Kraftly. We will have several collections of babyturu NFT’s to be auctioned designed by different artists.

40% of the revenue of the auction will be split equally between all existing Babyturu NFT token holders.

The NFT token holders will also receive their monthly drop of 250 $turu tokens on top of the NFT profit-sharing scheme.

On top of this up to 250k $BBT tokens are spread to BabyTuru NFT holders monthly to increase the return on their investment.





Babyturu Tribes

There will also be Babyturu tribes, unlocked by minting regional heroes. If two regional heroes from the same region are minted as original Babyturu’s a tribe from that region will be unlocked as a one time random mint at a fixed fee.

As with all Babyturu NFT’s, 40% of the minting revenue goes to the existing Babyturu NFT holders. But Tribe NFT’s will not get profit sharing of future mints and they will receive 100 $turu tokens per month instead of the 250 $turu tokens for the original Babyturu NFT’s.

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Turu Tokens

The $turu token is the utility token of the TuruGlobal ecosystem. By participating in any module part of the ecosystem, by being an investor or a contributor, you will earn $turu tokens.

Total supply is 1 billion tokens and the calculation value of a token is $0.01 at start.

33% of the income generated by the TuruGlobal ecosystem is distributed over the holders of $turu tokens. This dividend is paid out monthly up to a maximum of 12.5% of the calculated $turu value.

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Mining of babyturu tokens

Our Defi partners, KODX, LIONX and PSRS will all have a bag of 10 Million $babyturu tokens, which you can earn by staking in their pools

Vesting of Team tokens

The team tokens will be frozen for 1 year in dedicated wallets. During this year the received tax is distributed on a monthly base in line with the token allocations.

After the first year on a monthly base the received dividend + 4% of the original amount will be released to the team members. This means that 2.5 years later, the team member has full ownership of his $babyturu tokens. This set up is done to prevent dillution and value loss for the investors into the $babyturu project.

JustMoney swap widget for $BBT

Our partners from JustMoney have developed a great trade widget where you can buy or sell your $BBT tokens. Later the $turu token will be added to this widget as well.



TuruGlobal Becomes A Donator

Following the succesfull auction of the “PacMan” BabyTuru NFT, TuruGlobal has become a monthly sponsor of the MannyPacquiao foundation. This is the first foundation to be supported by TuruGlobal team, but for sure it won’t be the last..

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen with the taxation income?

Taxation income will be distributed to all tokens holders including the burn wallet, reducing the supply.

Is there a pre-sale?

No we don’t do presale to prevent people to have an initial advantage, which might result in dumping of tokens later. The team tokens are locked for at least a year, so team is only able to spend the taxation received.

Why is a more stable prize good?

We think positive price jumps are good, but negative price swings are double as bad. So rather than jumps, we want to achieve steady price growth. This is achieved by not doing pre-sale and having a limit to the amount of $BBT tokens to buy. A track record of steady price increase will build trust with investors.

What is the function of the $turu token?

The $turu token is the utility token of the TuruGlobal Ecosystem. Babyturu is part of that. People interacting with the TuruGlobal Ecosystem earn $turu tokens and through that they will receive a monthly income share generated by any module part of the TuruGlobal Ecosystem.

Can the team dump their tokens?

No the team tokens are locked for a year. During that year they will only receive the tax generated by their tokens. After that year the tokens will be released to them over a period of 25 months. This is to protect the liquidity of the holders

Why is it good to hold a Babyturu NFT?

Holding a Babyturu NFT, you will receive 250 $turu tokens per month, plus you get a share of the income of future NFT sales. 40% of the revenue of every Babyturu NFT action is shared over the holders of babyturu tokens